Chiropractic, Classical Homeopathy and Wellness Guidance in Minneapolis


Holistic Health Care in Minneapolis

Thank You for your interest in Kinetic Chiropractic & Healing Arts!

This office specializes in holistic health care options including chiropractic, classical homeopathy and wellness guidance.

Every relationship at this office is centered around listening, compassion and collaboration. Dr. Alex focuses on building lasting relationships and a healthier community through offering a level of service and care that is not always achieved in other practices.  Diversity is welcomed in this office and care is provided to all ages.

 With Dr. Alex’s guidance, you’ll play an active role in developing your care plan, including decisions on the type and frequency of treatment.  Your individualized health concerns and goals are honored and solutions will be offered that best suit you and your desired outcome.

 Same day appointment requests are accommodated as much as possible and online scheduling is available for your convenience.

227 Colfax Ave N., Ste. 100 Minneapolis MN 55405



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